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Latest News

Why buy a slow cooker? (25 Nov 2015)
There are few kitchen appliances that I could not do without, but my slow cooker is definitely one of those. It makes it so easy to have a hot, home cooked and delicious meal ready for the family with the minimum of fuss and effort.
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Brennands on Facebook (5 Aug 2015)
Brennands are very pleased to announce that we now have a business page on Facebook. Its another great way of following Brennands and keeping up to date, so why not join us on there today?
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A guide to choosing your coffee machine (5 Aug 2015)
Choosing a coffee maker is an important decision, and with the wide range of coffee makers on the market, offering all sorts of functions and features, it can be a little confusing. So here is our essential guide to coffee and coffee makers ...
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