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Getting Cosy With Electric Blankets....

13 Jan 2015, 09:19

Now that the nights are drawing in and there’s the familiar nip of autumn in the air. It’s time to be thinking about that little extra warmth and comfort before the real bite of another winter is here.

Nothing compares to the feeling of your nice warm bed when winter is whipping up a storm outside your window. Wouldn’t it be lovely if your big comfy bed was already warm and ready for you at bedtime? In the time it takes to get ready for bed and brush your teeth an electric blanket would do just that and have your bed toasty and welcoming every night, ready for you to climb in and enjoy a  wonderful night’s sleep.

We hope our guide to electric blankets will help you in finding the perfect blanket and have you snuggled up cosy and warm in no time at all….

Bigger isn’t always better….

Choosing the right size blanket isn’t always as easy as it sounds. You’d be amazed how many people don’t know their bed size.  Blankets (whether over or under blankets) are sized according to your mattress so you should always buy the right size blanket for your mattress. All our electric blankets have the sizes on their listings to make finding the right one for you easier. Please see the size guides below to get you started…


UK Bed sizes                                     Euro Bed Sizes

Under or over?....

The two main types of electric blanker are the ‘over blanket’ and ‘under blanket’. Just as simple as it sounds, you sleep on top of an under blanket and sleep under an over blanket. It’s all about personal preference and how you would prefer to keep warm during the night. They are both effective in warming the bed prior to you getting in and are just as equally matched when keeping you toasty at your desired temperature. One thing to be aware of if you own a memory foam mattress (depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations) is that lengthy periods of heat combined with body weight could cause loss in the memory foam properties, so an over blanket may be more suitable.

Tied to the bed?....

Under blankets are available with different fitting methods. The first fitting method is with ‘ties’ as the name suggests, these are material straps that that you tie around your mattress holding the blanket securely in place for a comfortable night’s sleep.  The ‘fitted sheet’ or skirt’ type of fitting is the more popular type of blanket due to its simplicity. The elasticated skirt around the edge of the blanket simply slips over the edge of your mattress giving a snug fit.

Who hogs the duvet?....

Everybody has their own idea of what’s comfortable and bedtime can see these differences surface in the form of ‘battle for the duvet’. Well this battle doesn’t need to continue any longer with a dual control electric blanket both sides of the bed can be controlled independently of the other with separate handsets. You might only want your electric blanket switched on to warm the bed before getting in and your partner may enjoy a little extra heat throughout the night. Both are possible with a dual control blanket.  With single control blankets the whole blanket temperature is set using just the one handset.

Materials to suit you….

Electric blankets come in a selection of materials best suited to their application. Whether it’s a ‘soft touch’ polyester over blanket or a lovely downy fleece under blanket they are all designed and made with a comfortable night sleep in mind. Most modern electric blankets are machine washable and are tumble dryer safe too.

All the bells and whistles….

Now that you’re fully versed in size, shape, under, over and how many controls you want the only thing left to choose are the features that will get you the best out of your blanket and a good night’s sleep. There’s a considerable list of features to choose from so we’ll just look at the most common available. One of the more popular features is a fast heat up feature, getting your bed to the desired temperature much quicker, so you’re only minutes away from a toasty warm bed.

The feature we get asked most about is the ‘extra foot warmth’. Some of our blankets have a zone in the bottom portion of the blanket that offers a little more heat than the rest to make sure that your feet are kept cosy during the night, or indeed prevent that shock we all hate when a partners cold feet come into contact with a warm part of your anatomy in the early hours!

Another feature that should be considered is that some blankets come with timers so you can set when the blanket comes on and switches off. A bit of planning and careful consideration and you could have your blanket coming on when your heating is switching off and vice versa in the morning as your heating is coming on, perfect comfort all of the time.

We hope that our guide to electric blankets has been useful and has helped you in some way to choosing the right blanket for you and on the way to a better nights sleep.
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