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Brennands on Facebook

5 Aug 2015, 16:10

Did you know that Brennands has a facebook page?

Its another great way of following Brennands and keeping up to date, so why not join us on there today? Whether you want to upload a picture of your purchase in use, join in or start a discussion, leave a review, or just quietly keep an eye on what is happening at Brennands, its totally up to you! Either follow the links on here, or sign into your facebook account and do a search for us.

We will also be offering some exclusive 'facebook only' deals, so like us now and make sure you don't miss out

Brennands Facebook Page

For customers who prefer email updates, we still have our mailing list, which you can sign up to from the Brennands home page

Whichever method you choose, you can look forward to informative news, tips and advice, a bit of fun, and some exclusive offers too!

Hope to see you there soon
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Brennands on Facebook (5 Aug 2015)
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