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Guide to Dehumidifiers - Top FAQ's Answered

10 Sep 2013, 17:00

Buying a dehumidifier can be a confusing purchase if you are not sure what the terms mean, or what you need.  Igenix have compiled a great FAQ, giving valuable information that will help you to make the right purchasing decision, and have kindly agreed to share this with Brennands and our customers.

Dehumidifier FAQ

Where do I position the dehumidifier?

A. Position the dehumidifier centrally in your home either in a hallway or perhaps on the landing. If you have a problem area, then move the dehumidifier to that area.

Is room size important when choosing a dehumidifier?

A. Yes and no. What is most important is how much water you need to take out of the air. The higher the water levels in the air, the larger the capacity dehumidifier you will need. A small room with a lot of moisture may need as much dehumidification as a large room with average moisture level. If you are unsure, it is always better to oversize a dehumidifier.

Do I need to leave heating on when operating my dehumidifier?

A. The warmer the air, the easier it is to extract moisture from it so it is recommended to have the heating on when using the dehumidifier. If a dehumidifier is used in a cold room, little or no  dehumidification will occur.

Do I have to leave the dehumidifier running constantly?

A. Your dehumidifier is fitted with a humidistat that controls the operation of the machine. When the humidity level is reached, the dehumidifier will switch off but the fan will continue to run. The fan will continue to run as this helps with circulation but also keeps pulling air through the dehumidifier so it can monitor the humidity levels.

Do I need to use it in summer?

A. There is no real advantage unless you have condensation on surfaces. In summer, you are more likely to have doors and windows open, so there is no advantage in using the dehumidifier.

The specifications indicate that a dehumidifier can extract 20 litres per day but the water tank only holds a much smaller amount?

A. Maximum extraction rates are based on temperatures of either 32 deg C & 90% RH or 30 deg C & 80% RH. In real world conditions in the UK, it reasonable to expect a maximum of around 4 or 5 litres per day as the extract rates decrease with a drop in temperature. Both Igenix models have a continuous drainage ability that allows the unit to be run constantly meaning you not have to empty the water tank.

Do dehumidifiers raise the heat in my house?

A. Yes, but this can be either good or bad. The warmer the room, the easier and more efficiently you can remove moisture so the machine will have to work less. Depending on the size of the room, you could raise the temperature by 5-10 degrees.

Can I dry clothes with a dehumidifier?

A. Yes you can. The clothes should be placed on a drying rack and place the dehumidifier in the same room and leave on a continuous setting. Shut the door to that room and the dehumidifier will take in all moisture.

I still have condensation on windows even though my dehumidifier has stopped - why?

A. There are a couple of reasons for this; either you have the setting on the dehumidifier too high or the dehumidifier is under sized for the room. While a humidity level of roughly 50% is ideal for your home, you may have to lower the level when the weather is colder as the dehumidifier will have to work harder. In larger premises you may need more than one dehumidifier.

Does my dehumidifier have a water tank and will the unit switch off when the water tank is full?

A. Yes your dehumidifier has a water container. The tank is fitted with a float switch so when it becomes full the compressor will shut off and the unit will stop dehumidifying until the water tank is emptied. Both Igenix models have a continuous drainage ability that allows the unit to be run constantly meaning you not have to empty the water tank.

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