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Royal Cozy Fires

24 Dec 2011, 14:36

Royal CozyFires....

Royal CozyFires are proudly manufactured right here in Yorkshire by the same respected manufacturer of Britain’s most reliable tumble dryer, Crosslee.
 Other Crosslee brands that have graced our homes over the years include White Knight washing machines and dryers and of course the other brand everybody knows,Hostess for their trolleys and food servers that are also available from us at Brennands.

The distinctive, dynamic and stylish range of Royal CozyFires has a style and finish to complement every home. From traditional polished brass to contemporary chrome,
 Royal CozyFires offer an eye catching focal point to every room. With their warming ‘ribbon flame effects’ and replica glowing embers your room will instantly
 transformed into a warm and cozy retreat from the cold and wet winter elements outdoors.

....Brennands are proud to bring to our range the Yorkshire built Royal CozyFires.

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